Katharina Mason (Jaksch)

Mag. Katharina Mason (Jaksch)

Email: katharina.mason@nhm-wien.ac.at

Natural History Museum of Vienna
3rd Zoological Department

Katharina Mason (nee Jaksch) performed morphological, and genetic analyses of Clausilia dubia in the course of her MSc study. Furthermore, she contributes to other projects, in particular to the Helicopsis project and the project "Barcoding of Austrian molluscs" a pilot study within the ABOL (Austrian Barcode of Life) initiative. Furthermore, she participated in numerous collection trips. Currently, she is performing her PhD thesis within the project ’Speciation in rock-dwelling land snails: Understanding the origin of diversity using Montenegrina as a model system’ (FWF P 26581-B25).

Publications and Congress Contributions on Alpine Land Snails

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