Helmut Sattmann

Dr. Helmut Sattmann

Email: helmut.sattmann@nhm-wien.ac.at
Website: https://www.nhm-wien.ac.at/helmut_sattmann

Natural History Museum of Vienna
Head of the 3rd Zoological Department

Helmut Sattmann founded the Alpine Land Snails Working Group in the 1990ties and since that time is actively promoting advance in Austrian molluscan research and connecting scientists working on Alpine land snail research. He initiated and contributed to all projects performed throughout the early years. Specifically he initiated the project “Phylogeography of Alpine land snails” (funded by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF; No. 19592 B17), which led to a revival and boost of the working group since 2005. He has been contributing to most projects of the working group and and was involved together with Zoltán Fehér and Elisabeth Haring in planning the project ’Speciation in rock-dwelling land snails: Understanding the origin of diversity using Montenegrina as a model system’ (FWF P 26581-B25)

Publications and Congress Contributions on Alpine Land Snails