A booklet with the title „Arianta“ was published by the Natural History Museum Vienna in 1995 as a documentation of an Workshop on Alpine Land Snails which took place in July 1994 in Johnsbach, Styria. It contained programme and abstracts of the workshop plus results of field studies performed in that week. It was followed by a similar publication in the next year and three more numbers in rather sporadic release. All these booklets reported on further workshops and presented preliminary results of the working group Alpine Land Snails.

Now we aim to utilize Arianta as journal of the association Mollusc Research Austria (MoFA), which was founded in 2016. The volumes of the journal are available online here at the webpage of the Working Group Alpine Land Snails until the association will have established its own internet presence.

The task of the journal will be not only to report on workshops and conferences of the society, but also to publish smaller articles, interesting observations and hitherto unpublished valuable data on molluscs. The readers as well as the contributions of Arianta should extend beyond the boundaries of the research group and the society MoFA. Furthermore, it should increase the visibility of MoFA at an international level.


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