Clausilia dubia

Clausilia dubia

Communication Katharina Mason

Among many clausilid species numerous subspecies have been described in the past which is partly a consequence of their patchy distribution and their complex morphology. Especially the clausilial structures in the aperture are highly differentiated. In case of Clausilia dubia (DRAPARNAUD, 1805) 16 subspecies are listed solely for Austria. In the present project morphological data (various shell characters) and molecular data (partial sequences of the mitochondrial gene for COI) were for the first time investigated in parallel to assess phylogeographic patterns. It was our aim to evaluate whether the described subspecies are genetically and/or morphologically differentiated. Moreover we wanted to find out whether the morphological and the genetic results are in accordance. We analyzed 150 individuals of Clausilia dubia, collected at 55 sampling sites in the eastern part of the Northern Calcareous Alps of eastern Austria. In this area 12 subspecies are expected to occur. Of these 12 subspecies only ten could be differentiated morphologically, but due to their similarities they can be merged in four morphogroups. In the NJ-tree derived from the DNA sequence data at least five highly supported clades become apparent. However, none of these clades corresponds solely to any of the described subspecies or morphogroups. Though these data are still preliminary, final taxonomic and nomenclatorial consequences will be proposed when the data set is complete.

Katharina Mason

Katharina Mason

Natural History Museum of Vienna, 3rd Zoological Department


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