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Usage of Cylindrus Fitzinger, 1833 conserved by the ICZN

A year-long controversy about the generic affiliation of the Austrian endemic Cylindrus obtusus recently came to an end. According to some authors, the generic name Cylindrus Fitzinger, 1833 should be considered as invalid as it is pre-occupied by Cylindrus Batsch,...

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Looking back at 2018

At the beginning of 2019 it´s time to look back to the last year of the "Alpine Land Snail Group". Several publications and projects were finished in 2018. In March, a further paper on the genus Montenegrina about range-wide taxon co-occurrence was published as an...

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2018 Workshop of the Alpine Land Snails working group

Since 20 years the Alpine Land Snails working group has been organizing excursion workshops dedicated to recent projects in malacology, frequently with emphasis on Alpine land snails. Colleagues from Austria and many other countries meet to present...

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Field trip to Belshi karst lakes Albania

In July 2018 representatives of the Natural History Museum Vienna (Elisabeth Haring and Helmut Sattmann) together with Sajmir Beqiraj and Xhoia Mujali (University of Tirana), went for an excursion to the karst lakes of the Belshi region south of Elbasan, Albania. A...

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Do rock-dwelling land snail species avoid their congeners?

This was the question of a recently finished study of our workin group. An Open Access paper, "Range-constrained co-occurrence simulation reveals little niche partitioning among rock-dwelling Montenegrina land snails (Gastropoda: Clausiliidae)", was recently published...

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A new paper on Caucasotachea vindobonensis

A phylogeographical reconstruction of the 'Viennese Snail' (Caucasotachea vindobonensis), contributed by our working group, has been published recently. This gastropod species is currently distributed mostly in the Central- and Eastern European steppic region, and ... read more

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