We are happy to announce that Arianta 6 is now available online, see also here.

Haring, E., Reier, S., & Sattmann, H. (Eds.). (2018). Arianta 6. Verlag des Naturhistorischen Museums Wien. Cite Download

Besides the report and abstracts of the 2017 Workshop “Alpine Land Snails” in Johnsbach it contains three articles:

Duda, M., Haring, E., Sattmann, H., Macek, O., Schindelar, J., Schnedl, S., Eschner, A., Friebe, G. J., & Kruckenhauser, L. (2018). Malacological excursion to Vorarlberg (Austria) in the course of the Austrian Barcode of Life Project. Arianta, 6, 47–52. Cite Download
Duda, M., Haring, E., Bulatovic, A., Hille, A., Kruckenhauser, L., Macek, O., Markovic, J., Pinsker, D., Pinsker, W., Reier, S., Sefc, K., Slapnik, R., Sittenthaler, M., Sonnleitner, M., Valentincic, J., & Sattmann, H. (2018). The snail summiteers - Gastropod faunas of some exposed alpine locations in the Gesäuse National Park. Arianta, 6, 41–46. Cite Download
Haring, E., Pinsker, W., Duda, M., Mason, K., Aschberger, M., Baumgartner, G., Bisenberger, A., Bulatovic, A., De Mattia, W., Eschner, A., Feher, Z., Giokas, S., Harl, J., Hille, A., Kirchner, S., Kruckenhauser, L., Kysela, P., Macek, O., Markovic, J., … Sattmann, H. (2018). Snails on the rocks. Arianta, 6, 31–40. Cite Download

Arianta 7 is in progress. Any articles are welcome!