We are happy to announce that the primer note of 13 microsatellite loci for Montenegrina has been published.

 Short Summary

Thirteen microsatellite loci with a tetranucleotid repeat were isolated and tested in three geographically close Montenegrina populations (two populations of M. dofleini prespaensis from the Prespa Lake, n=35 and one population from M. stankovici from the Ohrid Lake, n=20). The number of alleles per locus ranged from two to 27. No significant linkage disequilibria between the same two loci were found in all three tested populations.

The deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium reveals only for two loci a significant deviation from HWE in more than one population (Mont_5483 and Mont_4477).

The 13 newly established genetic markers will help to gain better insights to the population genetic structure of Montenegrina and might reveal new results about speciation processes in co-occurring taxa. Furthermore, these microsatellite loci could also be tested in other clausiliid species.