The Workshop “Alpine Land Snails 2017” will traditionally take place again in Johnsbach, Styria, Austria. Austrian biologists and colleagues from Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro and Hungary will gather in this extraordinary place in Gesäuse to perform collecting trips and field experiments, to exchange results and experiences.

This year’s theme is “On the rocks” and will focus on rock dwelling snails and include some population monitoring at several rock sites. The scientific lectures (and some social events) will be based at famous Kölblwirt as well as for two days at the renowned alpine refuge Hesshütte at 1700 m asl. In the surrounding mountains we will gather data about the high alpine gastropod faunas. But this workshop will again include also some extra-snailities. Once more we have entomologists in the team and they will focus on dragonflies of the region. Moreover, we will stage again an evening for the public under the motto “Pub Science” (“Wissenschaft im Wirtshaus”) which will focus on the biology and ecological needs of rock dwelling animals and plants. This public event will take place on Sunday, August 20th, the research activities will last until August 26th.

The workshop is organized by the Natural History Museum Vienna together with the Nationalpark Gesäuse, supported by the society “Friends of the NHMW”, the society “Mollusc Research Austria”, and kindly hosted by our friends at Kölblwirt and Hesshütte.

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