An important milestone in the Montenegrina project: the taxonomic revision of the genus has been published in the open-access zoological journal, ZooKeys:

Fehér, Z., & Szekeres, M. (2016). Taxonomic revision of the rock-dwelling door snail genus Montenegrina Boettger, 1877 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Clausiliidae). ZooKeys, 599, 1–137. Cite Download

This paper provides a revision of all known Montenegrina taxa, as well as descriptions of 4 new species and 17 new subspecies, namely M. haringae sp. n., M. lillae sp. n., M. prokletiana sp. n., M. sturanyana sp. n., M. grammica erosszoltani ssp. n., M. grammica improvisa ssp. n., M. hiltrudae desaretica ssp. n., M. hiltrudae selcensis ssp. n., M. laxa delii ssp. n., M. nana barinai ssp. n., M. prokletiana kovacsorum ssp. n., M. rugilabris golikutensis ssp. n., M. rugilabris gregoi ssp. n., M. skipetarica danyii ssp. n., M. skipetarica gurelurensis ssp. n., M. skipetarica pifkoi ssp. n., M. skipetarica puskasi ssp. n., M. sporadica tropojana ssp. n., M. sturanyana gropana ssp. n., M. sturanyana ostrovicensis ssp. n., and M. tomorosi hunyadii ssp. n. A neotype is designated for M. helvola (Küster, 1860), and the junior homonym Clausilia umbilicata costata Boettger, 1907 (non Pfeiffer, 1828) is replaced by M. umbilicata antivaricostata nom. n.

Montenegrina thus comprises 29 species and 106 subspecies, making it the second most speciose door snail genus in Europe. Of each taxon types or specimens from the type localities are figured, distribution maps and georeferenced locality data are provided.

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