The first field trip of 2015 took place in May. We have been in Montenegro and Albania with main focus on the Lake Skadar/Shkodër area. The primary aim was to obtain material for the Montenegrina project but we also collected other rock-dwelling and subterranean molluscs. This trip was participated by Zoltán Fehér (from the NHMW Alpine Landsnail Group), Zoltán Erőss malacologist (from the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest) and Tamás Deli malacologist (from the Munkácsy Mihály Museum, Békéscsaba).

First evening we arrived at Podgorica right on time for a couple of welcome beers and a discussion with Vlado Pesic, a good colleague and friend from the Podgorica University. On the following days we have headed to the Rumija Mountains, the Skadar Lake area and the southern coast of Montenegro. We have sampled several important sites, known from the literature (among others type localities), among others Zabljak Crnojevica (type locality of Montenegrina wohlberedti), Virpazar, Rijeka Crnojevica, Obod Cave at the source of the Crnojevica River, Cetinje, Petrovac, Haj-Nehaj and Sutomore. We have spent two days in Albania and collected in the Tarabosh and the Renc Mountains. Then, back to Montenegro and sampling around the picturesque Kotor Bay, in the Njegus plateau and in the Orjen Mt. On the way to home we have stopped at Manastir Ostrog, an Orthodox monastery and pilgrimage site built in the 17th century.

Pictures can be found in the Gallery.