juvenile Montenegrina drimica in the Crni Drin valley

juvenile Montenegrina drimica in the Crni Drin valley

In October, the Alpine Land Snail Working Group has done another field trip, probably the last one in 2014. The trip was participated by Lisi Haring, Kathi Jaksch, Helmut Sattmann and Zoltán Fehér. The target group was Montenegrina, what else could be? We have concentrated on those taxa in the eastern part of the genus’ distribution range, which were still missing. First of all, we wanted to find mavrovoensis, radikae, kaiseri and robusta in their type localities.

We have started the trip in the plateau of the Bistra Mountain (north-western Macedonia) and we have gone southwards in the valleys of the Radika and Crni Drim Rivers. We have reached the Lake Ohrid, crossed the ridge of the Galičica Mountain and sampled around the Large and Small Prespa Lakes in Albania and Greece. We were lucky with the weather, especially on the day when, searching for Montenegrina dofleini kaiseri, we climbed up the Bugarska Cuka Peak in the Galičica Mountain.

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