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Snails in the Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein

On 11.-12 August 2015 members of the Alpine Land Snail Working Group (Katharina Jaksch, Michael Duda, Luise Kruckenhauser, Lisi Haring) together with Sabine Fischer (Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein) performed a short field trip to the Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein (Lower...

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Montenegro field trip #2

After Zoltan Feher had shortly visited Montenegro in May 2015, another Montenegro trip was undertaken from July 6 to July 10 by Lisi Haring, Kathi Jaksch, Michael Duda and Helmut Sattmann. One aim was to trace land snail tracks in Montenegro – especially of...

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Field trip in Montenegro May 2015

The first field trip of 2015 took place in May. We have been in Montenegro and Albania with main focus on the Lake Skadar/Shkodër area. The primary aim was to obtain material for the Montenegrina project but we also collected other rock-dwelling and subterranean...

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New review papers on operculate landsnails

  Here are two recently published review papers on two operculate landsnail genera . Cochlostoma is a Mediterranean group and as such, its taxa contribute significantly to the terrestrial biodiversity in the Alpine and...

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Our redesigned Homepage

We gladly announce the re-design of our homepage in March 2015. Besides the modernized design there are now share buttons to social media available which hopefully will be used intensively. Our team increased and there is information on two further projects available...

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October, 2014 – field trip in Macedonia

In October, the Alpine Land Snail Working Group has done another field trip, probably the last one in 2014. The trip was participated by Lisi Haring, Kathi Jaksch, Helmut Sattmann and Zoltán Fehér. The target group was Montenegrina, what else could be?

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Field trip to Albania in June 2014

The Hungarian Natural History Museum (HNHM) and the Natural History Museum, Vienna (NHMW) jointly organised a zoological fieldtrip to Albania in June (2014) with the aim of exploring the rock-dwelling and cave-dwelling fauna of some potentially interesting locations...

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