Alpine Land Snails Working Group

Core group of the snail team on our local mountain Schneeberg

A view on the Glocknergruppe

Galičica Mountains

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About Us

The “Alpine Land Snails Working Group” is primarily located at the Natural History Museum of Vienna. It was founded in the course of projects carried out in the 1990ties on Alpine land snails, and a comprehensive FWF-project performed between 2007 and 2011. While in the first period the genera Arianta and Cylindrus were in the focus of our research, several other taxa were included in the course of the FWF-project centered on East Alpine species of the genera Cylindrus, Orcula, Trochulus, Petasina, Clausilia, Vertigo, Pyramidula and Cochlostoma.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of about 20 people. The photo shows part of the group on an excursion to the Austrian mountain Schneeberg in the year 2010 (from left to right):

Luise Kruckenhauser
Elisabeth Haring
Katharina Jaksch
Laura Zopp
Michael Duda
Josef Harl
Helmut Sattmann

Partners and Supporters

Museum of Natural History, Vienna
FWF Austrian Science Fund
Friends of the Natural Museum of History

We are grateful to all our colleagues and friends who supported us with material, ideas and enthusiasm. We also thank all institutions who provided financial support and infrastructure.

From our Blog

Alpine Land Snails extended – Workshop 2016

After a one year break we were happy to meet again at the restaurant Kölblwirt in Johnsbach for the Workshop “Alpine Land Snails extended” which took place from 1.-5. August 2016. This time we extended our scientific program and organized, together with the National...

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Field trip in Albania, June 2016

The first Albanian field trip of 2016 took place in June. The members of the team were Zoltán Erőss, Zoltán Fehér, Jozef Grego, Maros Grego and Miklós Szekeres. One of our objectives was to find Montenegrina chiasma in the Mt. Dajti (central Albania), Montenegrina...

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Alpine Land Snails extended

Here we announce that the workshop “Alpine Land Snails extended” will take place on 1.-5. August 2016 in Johnsbach, Styria. Our traditional “Alpine Land Snails” Workshop has been held 19 times in total and 16 times in Johnsbach. This time we extended the scope and have invited profound speakers to talk about different aspects of biodiversity, not only in snails. At the evenings of Monday and Tuesday public presentations are given in Gasthaus Kölblwirt, on Wednesday and Thursday more specific topics on gastropod biology and systematics are offered.

Programme of the public presentations “Wissenschaft im Wirtshaus”

Have a look at the compelete programme of our workshop and of our Excursions

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Snails and landscape management

Landscape management of old agricultural areas became an important tool to protect biodiversity in Western and Central Europe. But how do small, hardly mobile animals like land snails react on the sudden improvement of their habitat? And which measures are...

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The Montenegrina revision has been published

An important milestone in the Montenegrina project: the taxonomic revision of the genus has been published in the open-access zoological journal, ZooKeys:
Fehér Z, Szekeres M (2016) Taxonomic revision of the rock-dwelling door snail genus Montenegrina Boettger, 1877 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Clausiliidae). ZooKeys 599: 1-137. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.599.8168

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“Schnecken checken” students as Citizen Scientists

Mit großem Erfolg und vor allem großen Echo ist am 20.1.2016 ein außergewöhnlicher Vortragsabend am Naturhistorischen Museum über die Bühne gegangen. Die Schüler und Schülerinnen des GRg 13 Wenzgasse in Wien haben selbst zusammen mit ihrer Biologielehrerin Gabriele...

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From our Galleries

Field trip in Albania – June, 2016

The first Albanian field trip of 2016 took place in June. The members of the team were Zoltán Erőss, Zoltán Fehér, Jozef Grego, Maros Grego and Miklós Szekeres. Our primary aim was to find Montenegrina chiasma in the Mt. Dajti (central Albania) and Montenegrina...

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View of the Korab Mountains from the bank

of Drin River near Fushë-Muhurr, Albania

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